Mar 6, 2012

Dynamic Dashboard in Excel

Making a Dynamic Dashboard in Excel [Part 1 of 4]

At the end of this tutorial, you will learn how easy it is to set up a dynamic dashboard using excel formulas and simple VBA macros.

Dynamic Dashboard in Excel


The dashboard also demonstrates the standard approach I use in all of my models which is to incorporate three key sheets in addition to the data and analysis tabs.
These are:
  • Home page
  • Inputs (or drivers)
  • Helpsheet
The dynamic dashboard can be downloaded here [mirror, ZIP Version]
The dashboard file works in Excel 2007+. Pls. enable macros to get it work.
The plan is to break this dashboard tutorial down into four parts over the next four weeks. If further topics fall out as a result of discussions either Chandoo or I will pick them up and if necessary post further parts.
    Part 1: Introduction & overview Part 2: Dynamic Charts in the Dashboard Part 3: VBA behind the Dynamic Dashboard a simple example Part 4: Pulling it all together
Okay so lets get started with an overview:

What is the objective of the report?

The Dynamic Dashboard is intended to provide pertinent summary information to aid management decision making. Combining a high level of flexibility within each report and then allowing the user to choose which reports to include and where to position them allows an enormous amount of flexibility over the message to be communicated.

What does this Dynamic Dashboard do?

The dynamic dashboard allows the user to select a report from the range of reports within the model and decide where to position it on the page. The user can select “hide” to hide a report that they do not want to see or select “view” to preview it prior to choosing its position.

  • Clicking on either the hyperlink name or the report image will take you to the report.
  • Each report is highly flexible allowing the user to cut the data in many ways to show management the most pertinent information.

Overview of Dashboard Tabs:

Home Page

I always include a homepage in my models and often set an auto_open routine to select this as the first page seen on opening. The Home page is designed to present the contents of the model to the user and provide links to each page for easy navigation.
Dynamic Dashboard - Homepage Worksheet

The Dynamic Dashboard

This is the main tab for pulling together the dashboard and will be covered in parts 3 and 4.
Dynamic Dashboard - Finalized Dashboard


This is the page for all validation lists and drivers.
Input Data for Dashboard Data

Help Sheet

Once again a sheet that is in all of my models. This user form based help sheet provides the user with a quick help function and complements the accompanying user notes. I find it helpful to lay it out in tab order.
Dashboard Help Sheet Setup
This is how the Help user form looks once opened. The user can either choose the topic from the dropdown or by clicking next.
Dashboard Help Sheet Demo

Chart 1 and 2 : Flexible pie charts

Dynamic pie charts with the option to select the KPI, period and product/salesperson to be analyzed. These are covered in part 2.
Charts 1 & 2 - Dynamic Dashboard

Chart 3 & 4: Flexible line charts

Dynamic line charts with the option to select the KPI, period and product/salesperson to be analyzed. These are also covered in part 2.
Charts 3 & 4 - Dynamic Dashboard

Chart 5: Box Chart

Details on how to create these box charts.
Chart 5 - Bullet Chart - Dynamic Dashboard

Chart 6: Scrolling Report of KPIs

 Micro charts which is of my favorite blogs are covered here.
Chart 6 - Scrollable KPI List - Dynamic Dashboard

Chart 7: Scrolling Comparison Chart

Details on how to create this scrolling chart.
Chart 7 - Scrollable Comparison Chart - Dynamic Dashboard

Chart 8 : Executive Summary

A simple executive summary. Please see Chandoo’s article on a twitter board for an alternative view.
Chart 8 - Executive Summary - Dynamic Dashboard
So that was an overview of the model and its main tabs.

What Next?

Next week we will look at  Part 2 of this series and learn how to construct dynamic charts.

Download the complete dashboard

Go ahead and download the dashboard excel file. The dynamic dashboard can be downloaded here [mirror, ZIP Version]
It works on Excel 2007 and above. You need to enable macros and links to make it work.

Source: Chandoo Blog

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