Feb 3, 2012

How to Document SQL Server- BI Documenter

So you created this amazing BI solution. You have SSIS Packages loading your data warehouse, you have SSAS Cubes, and you have reports in SSRS.  But how do you document this entire solution? It used to be a long tedious process. Now it’s easy!

Bi Doucmenter

Bi Documenter is a must have tool for anyone using SQL Server. It will document SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and databases. BI Documenter will create either HTML files, or one CHM file containing all of the information of your environment.
Bi Doucmenter

Every wonder where a column on a report is pulled from, but don’t want to drill down through a cube, to a data warehouse, through an SSIS package finally to arrive at the desired table? Bi Documenter makes that easy too, with the impact and linage tool. It will graphically show you where every bit of data is going to and coming from. Simply use the graphical interface and click on each item to follow your entire BI solution.

Bi Doucmenter

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