Feb 3, 2012

Checking a File in Use and File Compression in SSIS with Task Factory

Checking a File in Use and File Compression in SSIS with Task Factory

Getting compressed files from customer is a common occurrence in today’s database world. Decompressing and loading those files can be a lot of work, even in SSIS. Task Factory makes this very easy.
Task Factory comes with almost 30 tasks. Two of those tasks are the File Properties Task and the Compression Task. The File Properties Task lets you check all of the properties of a file, including checking if a file is in use.

Look at the following SSIS Package. This package first checks to see if the file is in use, then decompresses that file before loading it with a data flow.
 Task Factory

The File Properties Task checks the file to see if it is in use, then set a variable to true or false based on its findings. Then an expression can be used on the precedence constraint afterwards to determine if the package will continue. The File Properties Task is very easy to configure as you can see below.
Task Factory

If the File is not in use then the Compression Task will decompress the file. Just like all of the Task Factory task, this one is easy to set up.

Task Factory
Now checking to see if a file is in use and then decompressing that file is easier than ever.

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