Nov 25, 2011

Textbox aligment problem in report

I was creating a list report. The report was looking fine with all format in PDF, but in SSRS preview pane and Report manager, format was really bad. All the textboxes were showing apart from each other. I tried with all alignment but it was failing. After a massive research, finally this issue got fixed.
·         So resolve such type of issue, check out with the following options, I can hope this will work fine
  • Arrange all the rectangles that are to be displayed  in one rectangle
  • Check the position of the textboxes in Address row.  There should be some gap between Address and its value textbox. 
  • Are you using two different Textboxes for Address and Address Values and same for others values? Instead use Address and AddressValue in single Textbox, then the alignment would be better. ="Address : " & Fields!AddressValue.Value
  • Arrange all Header textboxes in one rectangle and add another rectangle. Now add rectangle which have textboxes in newly added rectangle, under that rectangle add the tablix control.

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