Jul 13, 2011

How to Display Server Name or IP Address in a Reporting Services Report

It is possible that users can receive miss-leading data when you are running several reporting severs. You may have a test and a production environment and you do not know from which server a report has been generated.
An obvious way you can tackle this issue is by displaying the report server name in the report. Unfortunately, there is no direct function or a method to retrieve the server name in Reporting Services. However there is a workaround.
In Reporting Services there is a global parameter called ReportServerUrl which will display the report URL.  The initial part of this value is taken from the RSReportServer.config file in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.#\Reporting Services\ReportServer folder. In this file, there is tab called URlRoot.  It can be either <UrlRoot>http://<IPAddress>/reportserver</UrlRoot> or <UrlRoot>http://<Server Name>/reportserver</UrlRoot>.  You need to find out a way to extract IPAddress or ServerName which you can do by following expression.
Mid(Globals!ReportServerUrl,8,InStr(9,Globals!ReportServerUrl,"/") - 8)

What this expression does is, is it will extract the start from the next character position of // to the next character position of /, which will be either the server name or the IP address of the server.

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